WMS by Kbrw: The most adaptable warehouse management system to your increasing warehouse complexity

Streamline your warehouse operations with ease. WMS by Kbrw is the all-in-one management tool that will unify your warehouse operations and successfully integrate with your IT system.
One warehouse management system to intelligently manage your supply chain operations with a smooth IT integration.

Why is a modern warehouse management system absolutely necessary nowadays?

Warehouse management has evolved and the needs of your teams have changed. One solution doesn't fit all anymore. A modern WMS helps you take the actions you require for a flawless organisation of your warehouse, integrates easily with your current IT ecosystem and is easy to use by your employees.
Best-in-class warehouse management performance by Kbrw
Get real-time tangible improvements with Kbrw's solution. Our WMS helps you manage even the most complex flows, and achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.
reception time in 
stores and warehouses for a specialised retailer
reduction of inventory time for a market leading furniture retailer
training time down from 4 days to 4 hours for a store warehouse
increase of orders volumes by 30% for a fashion retailer
"Simplicity, agility, and efficiency are the key words of the Kbrw approach."
Mohamed Boudjedir - Director of Operations Support-Trades at BRICO DEPOT

Manage complex 
A modern WMS that adapts to the complexity of your warehouse management issues.
All-in-one monitoring cockpit
IT excellency for monitoring all your actions.
Easy integration 
with your IT systems
A flexible WMS that integrates and communicates perfectly with all your current software.

Kbrw's WMS solution provides all the modules you need for a flawless warehouse organisation

Inventory management
Manage all three types of inventory directly from your WMS: general, rotating and point-in-time.
Return process
Manage the return and product qualification for an optimal organisation of your warehouse post rendering.
Order preparation
Enable all the essential factors for an efficient order preparation and separate by warehouse area or product type.
Reception process
Manage different inbound flows within the same tool, independent of the supplier or logistics platform.
Stock & location management
Easily manage your warehouse taking into consideration all the characteristics of your location: size, structure, zones…
Put away process
Design processes for every put-away scenario possible and allocate the right area in your warehouse.
Delivery process
Order the containers, manage the tracking, and monitor your operations.
Manage your warehouse planning and staff accordingly.

The main characteristics of our WMS

F.A.S.T.E.R. Target any critical outcome for your warehouse operations with our WMS. Our combined methodology and expertise will help you benefit greatly from adding the warehouse management solution.
Create the smoothest flow possible for your employees to access the warehouse goods.
A= Accessible
Easily manage your warehouse taking into consideration all the characteristics of your location: size, structure, zones…
S= Space
Create the exact warehouse your company needs by using your space at its utmost capacity.
T= Throughput
Handle everything more quickly, no matter the specificity of your products.
E= End Customer First
Achieve the shortest possible time for the end customer and guarantee order completion.
R= Reverse Logistic
Efficiently manage the reverse logistics processes to optimize your warehouse space and operations.
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