The State of Composable Commerce in France

What is the state of composable commerce in France? How do businesses adapt to this flexible commerce solution?

While the world appears to have largely returned to normal in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, some things have altered forever. Among the differences is a recognition that some organisations were able to evolve or pivot, and to perform remarkably well during the pandemic.

Welcome to the “State of Composable Commerce in France” study

Here are 5 key takeaways:

1. In this study, we asked 224 IT decision makers from companies in divers industries with a minimum turnover of $100m about their organisation’s approach to IT and their knowledge about the MACH principles.

2. We have observed an acceleration in terms of technology cycle and companies are increasing adopting a cloud-based and SaaS-based approach.

3. The MACH concept has already gained very notable awareness with more than 83% of respondents stating having heard of it or understanding perfectly about it.

4. 66.5% of the respondents have adopted at least one of the MACH principles in their respective companies. The principle with the highest rate of adoption was Cloudnative, at 75%.

5. Respondents identified the flexibility and evolutionary nature of MACH as key drivers for its adoption. The main obstacles to adoption included doubt over

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