24S - Managing Product Offer Generation for Marketplace

Dynamically generating product offers on an international marketplace


The 24 Sèvres marketplace is now used worldwide in over 100 countries and offers a rich catalogue of products from over 200 luxury brands. 24 Sèvres wanted to shift from a wholesale to a marketplace model to market all their luxury brands in one place. The brand embarked on a digital transformation project for which it contacted Kbrw. The objective was to generate and select the offers shown on the marketplace and visible to users across the globe.


The solution developed by Kbrw had to synchronize a large amount of data related to the offers available at global level in real time, to generate the marketplace’s product page in high availability mode. Kbrw was also asked to provide stock decrease management.


The solution designed by Kbrw uses the geographic location of the marketplace visitor and the group’s numerous and complex management rules to ensure selection of the single offer shown to the visitor on the marketplace product page out of all the offers available at a global level. This process is handled in an optimal way, enabling offers to be generated quickly. More than 50,000 offers generated every day by the tool developed by Kbrw.


Modernising offer generation
100 million catalogue offers generated
Consolidated operation
Integration and inventory consolidation of more than a dozen suppliers
Global reach
Solution deployed in more than 100 countries