Digitalising to optimise operations in an automated warehouse


Ba&sh wanted to streamline operations in its new automated warehouse, to increase operational efficiency during order preparation. The project consisted of scheduling order preparation waves and tracking order preparation in the warehouse.


For the first time, we had to come up with a way to integrate our solution into a mechanized processing system. The solution had to be able to interconnect with an existing software ecosystem that was very complex, and provide connections with the ERP and WCS in use. It also needed to be connected to the tools used in the warehouse.


The solution enables scheduling sequences to be created automatically and in an optimized way, to prepare all types of orders. However, it also allows users to intervene on the order picking waves created. A dashboard which centralizes scheduling and warehouse activity monitoring is included in the solution to provide an overall view of warehouse performance. Developed in just three months, the solution handles the scheduling of about 800 orders every day. In the long term, the brand would like to improve package preparation by setting up a pick-to-light application.


Fast time-to-value
5 months – time-to-market of the solution
Operation optimisation
Centralization of the group’s inventory; order scheduling optimization
Increase operation transparency
Track & trace of order preparation and monitor preparation capacity
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