Monoprix In-store Pick and Pack Solution

A comprehensive and highly efficient in-store picking solution to help Monoprix deploy best-in-class omnichannel experience


Monoprix wanted to improve their in-store order preparation experience to expand their e-commerce, Click & Collect and Click & Drive business activities. Among other things, the brand wanted a more user-friendly and intuitive tool.


To introduce the new technology progressively into the brand’s stores, Kbrw had to ensure the old and new picking applications could run side-by-side. Monoprix also wanted to migrate to a new version of their e-commerce site to improve the services offered. Here again, Kbrw had to run the old and new e-commerce front-ends in tandem.


Kbrw designed a comprehensive in-store picking solution for Monoprix, to manage orders placed via the internet. It includes optimum management of order preparation capacities and the tracking of orders through to preparation for delivery. The solution also manages out-of-stock items. Consumers can track the status of their order from their customer account on any device.
When we switched to Zebra smartphones, we took the opportunity to replace our own software with a customized picking solution from Kbrw...Productivity has increased by 20% (100 products collected per hour versus 80 before). Errors are reduced, given all the detail information offered on mobile terminals.
Amélie Dupuis, responsable de projet ecommerce alimentaire chez Monoprix



Productivity increase by more than 20%.

Reduced errors

Significant error reduction in pick & pack.


The solution has removed paper completely during the process.