Stellantis - Improve Spare Parts Availability

Integrating external replenishment hubs to improve response to demand


Stellantis wanted to improve their supply chain and the way they handled out-of-stock items, by integrating external supply hubs into their out-of-stock item management process. The goal was to meet the needs of their B2B customers in the spare parts market more effectively.


Kbrw had to find a way to link up all information systems used internally (warehouses, distribution hubs) and externally (garages, suppliers) so they could interact with each other. The real challenge was getting the sheer number and diversity of IT ecosystems already in place at the different project sites to interact smoothly.


Power Supply is a tool for centralizing and processing requests for out-of-stock items. The tool uses a complex system of rules to provide the user with different options – which are viewed in a customized and centralized way – for resolving each request. It also calculates the corresponding delivery times. The solution enables orders to be placed by all the partners connected to it and also takes care of tracking. Power Supply, rolled out in a dozen languages worldwide, has enabled Stellantis to significantly expand their offer on the spare parts market, for example by including suppliers such as Mister Auto and Eurorepar.


High performance

130,000 orders per day

Wide coverage

12 million references

Easy to adopt

2100 active users