About us

Kbrw is a SaaS company founded in 2009 in Paris. 
Our vision: simplify the complex with technology.
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Our mission: to bring together personalised customer experiences with operational efficiency through IT excellence, for retailers and their supply chains.

Our approach, every day

Never take anything for granted

• When you fall, try again. Nothing is impossible
• Stay humble and be open to new ideas
• Keep improving yourself and others

Focus on
the true value

• Make it simple, especially when it’s not easy
• Acknowledge the hard work of others
• Strive for transparency and alignment

Care about
the whole journey

• Start making things happen
• Never let setbacks discourage you
• Build to run

2009: Beginnings

Kbrw was founded in 2009 by Philippe Romano, Arnaud Wetzel, David Krief and Jerome Benoliel.

2015: Building a strong product

Our OMS and WMS solutions became fully operational after several years spent developing strong technological and business-oriented processes

2020: Growth

We strive to work with clients with values similar to ours. Our dedication and hard work made it possible for us to work with seven of France’s CAC40 companies.

2022: Scale-up and international expansion

Successful, sustainable growth has enabled us to hire more people and reach the point at which we are ready to expand internationally.

Our growth journey


Growth over 
the past five years


Kbrw has been 100% self-financing 
since its founding

Good record

Solid credit notes and 
business performance

We are...

Technology experts

At heart, we’re engineers with an obsession for developing the best technology products.


We’re pioneers, and will blaze any trail. We successfully complete the hardest projects when even the best of the rest have failed.


We remove your “big rocks”, so you can get on with the business of winning.


We don’t just recruit; we care about the careers of our people - and those we work with. We help people to grow.

Young and diverse team

Kbrw is multi-cultural and has an international mindset. We have over 150 employees, representing more than 10 nationalities.
Dynamic team with an average age of under 30

Our offices


28 Rue Sévigné, 75004, Paris

Clermont Ferrand

9 place de Jaude, 63000 CF


17 Place de la Bourse, 33000 Bordeaux


Wojo Lyon, 4 Pl. Amédée Bonnet, 69002 Lyon


Now Coworking Lille, Palais de la bourse, 40 Pl. du Théâtre, 59800 Lille


WeWork 1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ, United Kingdom


444, Avinguda Diagonal, Barcelone, 08037, Barcelone, Spain

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