WMS by Kbrw: the most flexible warehouse management system for addressing warehouse complexity

Streamline warehouse operations with ease. WMS by Kbrw is an all-in-one management tool that unifies warehouse operations and integrates with your IT systems.

A single warehouse management system for intelligently managing your supply chain operations, with a smooth IT integration.

Why is a modern warehouse management system so essential?

Because, along with the needs of your teams, warehouse management has evolved and one solution no longer fits all. A modern WMS must integrate easily with your current IT systems, be easy for staff to use, and - above all - ensure your warehouse operates flawlessly.

Best-in-class warehouse management performance by Kbrw

Kbrw’s solution generates tangible benefits, helping you to manage even the most complex flows in real-time, and to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.
reduction in reception time in stores and warehouses for a specialist retailer
reduction in inventory time for a leading furniture retailer
eduction in training time - down from 4 days to 4 hours - for a store warehouse
increase in orders volumes for a fashion retailer
"Simplicity, agility, and efficiency are the key words of the Kbrw approach."
Mohamed Boudjedir - Director of Operations Support-Trades at BRICO DEPOT

Manage complex 

Kbrw’s modern WMS adapts easily to the complexity of your warehouse management issues.

All-in-one monitoring tower

In keeping with IT best practice, our WMS monitors and documents all actions, ensuring full traceability.

Easy integration with existing systems

Kbrw’s WMS integrates and communicates perfectly with all your existing solutions.

Kbrw’s WMS comprises all modules and components needed for flawless warehouse organisation

Inventory management

Manage all three types of inventory directly from your WMS: general, rotating and point-in-time.

Return process

For optimal organisation of your warehouse, design and manage a full, efficient returns process.

Order preparation

Enable fully efficient order preparation and separate by warehouse area or product type.

Reception process

Manage different inbound flows within the same tool, regardless of the supplier or logistics platform.

Stock & location management

Easily reflect all the attributes of each warehouse location: size, structure, zones, other constraints, etc.

Put away process

Design processes for every possible put-away scenario and allocate the right area in your warehouse.

Delivery process

Order containers, then monitor and manage subsequent tracking operations.


Plan and optimise staffing and other resources, perfectly balancing capacity and demand.

Primary characteristics of Kbrw’s WMS

Along with our combined methodology and expertise, Kbrw’s WMS enables you to target and improve any critical warehouse operation. Think and act - F.A.S.T.E.R.


Create the smoothest possible flow between your employees and warehouse goods

A= Accessible

Ensure you take into account all the characteristics of your warehouse location: size, structure, zones…

S= Space

Create precisely the warehouse capacity you need by ensuring all space is used optimally.

T= Throughput

Whatever the product, increase throughput to reduce time-to-cash.

E= End Customer First

Achieve the shortest possible time for the end-customer and guarantee order completion.

R= Reverse Logistic

Efficiently manage reverse logistics processes to optimise warehouse space and operations.

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