High performance Order Management System: a seamless experience, efficient execution

Unify your processes to provide a better customer experience with high efficiency, all with an integrated approach.

Create great customer experiences and improve your operational efficiency with high-performance, fully-integrated software

Why is a high-performance Order Management System key to your supply chain success?

An Order Management System is essential to making omnichannel magic happen. It supports new customer journeys, hosts critical data about your order and inventory, and orchestrates the crucial workflows of your operations. Best-in-class performance is key; your business relies on it.

Best-in-class order management performance by Kbrw

Kbrw gives you that best-in-class performance. Our OMS comfortably processes the very largest volumes of transactions in even the most complex IT environments.
Order processing speed up to 5 times faster than our competition
More than €30,8bn of Gross Merchandise Value managed 
for our clients
Leading deployment track record in 123 countries.
Number of inventory points integrated globally

Deliver ultimate customer experiences

Discover how our OMS improves sales and conversions, and makes cutting-edge customer experiences possible

Optimise your supply chain management

Find out how Kbrw’s high-performance OMS enables seamless supply chain management 
and optimised operations

Simplify omnichannel commerce IT

Learn how Kbrw’s Order Management System makes omnichannel-related IT easier for you
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Key benefits of Kbrw’s high performance OMS


Deploy in record-breaking time and provide agility to your business


Creates new value through improvements to your business capabilities


Extends your existing capabilities and improves what you're already doing


Delivers the best technical performance of any OMS


Provides increased control over your supply chain and improves resilience

KPIs for

Records a wide variety of business-oriented metrics & KPIs

Powerful Kbrw Order Management Suite

Omni-inventory sync

Real-time visibility providing single version of truth of all your inventories


End-to-end order management and execution


Smart order-routing and flow-orchestration

In-Store Service Portal

Powerful tool that your in-store sales reps love to use

Customer Service Portal

Upgrade your customer service and improve customer satisfaction

Business control tower

Oversee your business operations and monitor your system performance

Omni-inventory sync: a single source of truth

Enjoy real-time visibility of all your inventory, wherever it is - including in customers’ baskets. Deliver the right experience every time for omnichannel customers.

Smart orchestration

Orchestrate operations from end-to-end by creating powerful, seamless order routes and flows. Set rules to create a comprehensive system that executes processes and policies flawlessly.

In-store service portal

Equip your bricks-and-mortar sales representatives with a powerful in-store service portal. Help them conclude sales successfully, with a tool that they will appreciate using.

Customer service portals

Customer service and customer satisfaction are crucial because they directly impact sales. Improve the experiences you deliver with dedicated portals that guarantee an overall service upgrade, for your customers and business.

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