A high-performance OMS for efficient supply chains

Consistent and efficient supply chain management is vital to profitability - it’s the key to delighting customers and building loyalty. Trust Kbrw to deliver your modern, high-performance OMS, and benefit from efficient supply chain execution.

Maintain supply chain efficiency to develop the confidence to promise more and the ability to deliver better.

Why is an order management system essential for your supply chain?

Single source of truth for all inventories

A single, unified vision of inventory, across all channels and updated in real time, is essential for accurate visibility of product availability.

Smart flow

Your OMS is the where omnichannel supply chain orchestration happens. It is critical to organising and optimising your flows and processes.

Availability and

Streamline inventory management and customer promise to avoid additional cost. Give real-time visibility on availability to avoid frustration.

On time, right cost, right quality

Combining high performance with a deep understanding of your organisation, Kbrw’s Order Management System intelligently orchestrates and organises your omnichannel supply chain so you can deliver the right quality of products, on time, and at the right cost.

Key benefits of Kbrw to your supply chain


Streamline operations by increasing efficiency or organisational structure

operational costs

Increase automation and improve the organisation of workflows and processes to optimise costs

More accurate
ordering and fulfilment

Delight customers by delivering the right product on time, reducing errors and frustrations

Understanding your processes before extending your functionalities

Your processes and operations represent who you are. And that's why our approach relies on making sure we understand and enhance your existing processes before helping you extend them. We make sure you keep all the best practices that are unique to you.

Kbrw’s Order Management System has a process-oriented approach

Understand your business processes

We start by understanding your existing processes, stakeholders, structures and all their roles in your business.

Identify functional gaps

We identify the functional gaps within your process that you’d like to enhance, take into consideration your organisational situation and constraints.


We progressively introduce new processes that enhance your business, and put in place dedicated performance indicators to ensure they are working as expected

Enhance key functionalities

Improve existing, well-understood processes without radically re-designing them

Reduce operational friction

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks, reducing errors and risk

Increase system 

Extend functionalities easily and enhance your existing IT systems

In an omnichannel world, inventory unification is the name of the game

Inventory synchronisation is the very foundation of an omnichannel supply chain. Kbrw’s Order Management System provides a single source of truth for all inventories and advanced functionalities for managing inventory routing and allocation.

Master of your inventory

Real-time inventory

Synchronise stocks across multiple platforms with no latency

Multiple stock positions

Understand and manage different stock level metrics, such as ‘received’, ‘available’, ‘in transit’, or ‘buffer’

Future inventory

Enable inbound stock to be integrated into inventories and its impact to be understood

Quota management

Impose a quota to improve your stock attribution


Use rules to automatically reorder and replenish your stocks

Supplier inventory

Access supplier inventories for knowledge of their capacity to fulfil new orders

Powerful execution for multiple industries

Our high-performance Order Management System improves supply chain operations in multiple use cases. We have helped market leaders achieve efficiency in B2B, B2C and D2C processes.

High performance OMS for B2C supply chain

Rules-based allocation

Easily create powerful inventory allocation rules to maximise efficiency

Omnichannel fulfilment

Create a flexible fulfilment strategy and deliver from the best option


With real-time visibility of availability, you’ll only make promises you know you can keep

In-store fulfillment

Deploy tools to enable your stores to become a fulfilment locations

Delivery optimisation

Choose the delivery strategy that meets specific time, cost, or any other requirement

Notification engine

Real-time notifications of issues enable you to invoke immediate rectification processes
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High performance OMS for B2B supply chain

B2B order capture

Capture orders generated and apply fulfilment rules

Multiple channel orders

Fulfill orders for B2B, B2C or D2C customers

Vendor-managed inventory

Ensure effective inventory management to reduce costs and avoid shortage

EDI integration

Enable frictionless, automated, system-to-system transactions

B2B customer portal

Provide a dedicated portal for ordering and tracking order status

Contract and agreement

Manage customer profiles and control access to offers based on contract status

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