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the “State of Composable Commerce in France” study

About M.A.C.H: a composable modern commerce architecture

MACH is simply an acronym for the four components of a modern, open, high- performing, enterprise technology ecosystem. It aims at future-proofing enterprise technology and propel current and future digital experiences


Applications built with functionalities that can be developed, deployed, and managed seperately by microservices


All functionality are exposed and available through an API, and only through an API


Cloud-native SaaS technology that comprises multiple, independent, on demand services


The decoupling of front-end presentation from back-end logic, channel, programming language, even data store.

About the study

In this study, we asked 224 IT decision makers of their knowledge and adoption of the principles of composable commerce. Here are some key takeaways:
In this study, we asked 224 IT decision makers from companies in divers industries
of IT respondents consider their organisation's IT practice as SaaS and Best-of-breed
More than 83% of respondents stating having heard of it or understanding perfectly about M.A.C.H.
of the respondents have adopted at least one of the MACH principles.

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Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM)

Valtech is a global business transformation company delivering innovation with a purpose.

YouGov is an international research data and analytics group.

Kbrw is a member of the MACH Alliance

As a MACH Alliance member, we believe in the power of composable solutions. Thanks to a modern and composable design, our customers can benefit from the best-of-breed performance while still keeping pace with the latest technology evolutions.