One Order Management System, endless possibilities

Every touchpoint matters in the omnichannel era. Never miss an opportunity to be where your customers are: harness the power of modern technology to create flawless customer experiences.

Connect your customer experiences to their back-end execution, so you can reach out to customers faster than your competitors.

How Kbrw’s Order Management System helps you manage omnichannel customer experiences


Promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promise

Expose offers, control inventories

See and control inventory in any sales channel

Create awesome experiences

Deploy new customer journeys and customer experiences

Stay tuned with alerts and notifications

Real-time, event-triggered alerts and notifications keep you updated
"...our high-performance OMS from Kbrw has given us the flexibility to increase our omnichannel strategy in our different markets, but also to be more responsive to our customers' needs and ensure the best possible experience."
Emilie Barbato, Business Applications Manager at Etam

Better offers, made more accessible

Kbrw’s Order Management System ensures you can offer your products everywhere, maximising exposure across every channel. It will also dynamically expose the best offer on the most appropriate channel to maximise your conversion.

Enlarge your offers and maximise sales opportunities

Fit offers to 
the channel

Consolidate offers and dynamically manage your product strategy across your channels

Availability everywhere, across channels

Extend the availability of your offers across every channel. Maximise exposure for the optimum opportunity to sell

Boost conversions with value-added services

Provide the best service and delivery options adapted to channel or product offers

Click & collect

Purchase online and pick up later in store


Advanced in-store fulfilment option that enables stores to become fulfilment points

Order in-store

Enables in-store shoppers to order and reserve items online

Reserve online

Enable shoppers to reserve in-store items online, and pick them up from store

Offer generation

Enable automated offer generation and management on your e-commerce site or marketplaces

Offer with dropshipping

Extend your product catalogue by allowing offers from trusted suppliers

Increase profitability

An Order Management System contributes to improved profitability by extending control of your offer strategy across different channels and market segments.

Maximise profitability

Match your offer to the sales channel

Adapt your promotional strategies to achieve the best possible price


Increase e-commerce conversions with better management of orders and availability

high-value segments

Create and develop innovative new customer journeys for high-value segments

Pricing integration

Integrate your channel pricing strategy into offer generation

Delivery options

Pick and choose the best delivery option from those available

Pre-order, back-order

Convert needs into orders by managing future stocks and coordinating production backlogs

Order customisation

Allow customised product or service the moment when the order is placed

VIP orders

Assign priority to orders from repeat and/or high-value customers

Substitution management

Increase conversion by proposing substitute items

Master promotional campaigns

Promotional campaigns are important moments for your business. A high-performance Order Management System ensures you shine at these vital moments: complete flexibility helps you to customise rules and increase capacity. ensuring you capture value during your promotion.

Key functionality for managing promotional campaigns

Rule-based management

Manage critical sales periods (Black Friday, Sales period, private sales) with dedicated rules

Pre-preparation for your special moments

Prepare your system both business-wise and technically to optimise your business for a sales surge

Offer personalised promotional experiences

Dynamically manage promotions with a personalised touch

Business engine

Create new customer journeys with rules and workflows - as easy as writing ‘if, then’

Simulate your rules

Test your rules: simulate their impact in advance to eliminate errors and mistakes

Customised promotions

Provide customised and dynamic promotional offers based on customer profiles


Create subscription offers and manage recurring purchase programs

Coupons and loyalty programs

Manage digital coupons and loyalty programs and combine them with promotional offers to boost sales

Payments and cash-back

Provide integrated payment options, cashback or credit options to stimulate conversions

Omnichannel enablement

Customers today are, by default, omnichannel customers. Kbrw’s Order Management System ensures vital synergies and collaboration between your physical stores and every online touchpoint.
"Omnichannel customers are more valuable on multiple counts... they spent an average of 4% more on every shopping occasion in the store and 10% more online than single-channel customers."
Emma Sopadjieva, Utpal M. Dholakia and Beth Benjamin, Harvard Business Review

Capture omnichannel value with Kbrw’s Order Management System

Synchronise on/offline journeys

Perfectly synchronise your customers’ omnichannel experiences

Fulfilment from everywhere

Transform your physical stores into fulfilment points for proximity and convenience

Drive customers to store

Motivate customers to proactively visit or just casually drop in to nearby stores

Synchronise flows

Synchronise flow for your own ecommerce and marketplaces

Return, exchange

Omnichannel return and exchange. Return orders to stores or warehouses

Pickup/delivery by slots

Allow scheduled timeslot for pickup or delivery, manage fresh product pickups

Omnichannel basket

Link baskets with your global inventory. Avoid over-promising and customer frustration

Competitive fulfilment

Better and faster online order fulfilment by incentivising stores to compete on their fulfilment

Express pickup/delivery

Allow customers to pickup online orders from store with very short delay

The heart of your omnichannel ecosystem

Modern organisations operate a wealth of solutions. Your Order Management System should be the beating heart of your digital ecosystem.

Multiply the potential of your digital ecosystem

Proprietary ecosystem

Easy integration with your other digital business ecosystem (WMS, CMX...)

Marketplace integration

Enable offer generation and order placement on marketplaces

Pickup location integration

Integrate delivery/pickup points and track/trace order status

3PL integration

Closely integrate with third-party logistics to scale your capacity

Quick commerce integration

Enable quick commerce with enhanced in-store order preparation

Last-mile delivery integration

Integrate last-mile delivery suppliers

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