Kbrw Platform: the Control Tower for our business solutions

As the cornerstone of our technical excellence, the Kbrw Platform provides features that increase transparency and auditability. It enables advanced control over our business solutions and boosts their performance.
Kbrw Platform: the Control Tower that tunes our solutions for maximum performance

The control tower that makes IT easy

Monitor everything, from infrastructure to applications. Audit transactions and decisions
Modular build, with high configurability and easy access to integration
Best-in-class frameworks and cloud infrastructure, designed for scalability

Key elements in the Kbrw Platform

Dev tools
Handy tools and a modern methodology to ensure the most difficult IT projects succeed.
Ops tools
Enhanced monitoring provides transparency for ongoing operations
Support services
Help from Kbrw to iron out obstacles or other friction
Core technical services
Access to Kbrw’s core software frameworks and technical skills
Control centre
Continuous, advanced monitoring of your system and infrastructure status
Cloud services
High performance and highly scalable private cloud services

Full oversight, comprehensive alerting, total transparency

The Kbrw Platform constantly monitors your mission-critical, digital ecosystem applications - from infrastructure to applications. It alerts you should anything go wrong, and provides easy auditing of any key decision that the solution makes for you.

Transparency through advanced monitoring and auditability

Infrastructure monitoring
Ensure continuous over-watch of your cloud infrastructure status
API monitoring
Call on third-party applications and check their status
Decision auditing
Audit and understand any critical decisions that the system makes

Advanced control of your business solutions

Our platform allows full control of our business solutions. Thanks to its powerful tools and high flexibility building principles, it allows you to make advanced configurations and provides easy access to integration.

End-to-end control and configuration of your business solution

DevOps Platform
The platform provides support on software configuration and operation
customisable and composable UI
Customise your UI for specific business needs, thanks to a completely stateless front-end design
Fully API-based approach
All our applications are, by default, connected via APIs

The performance-first Platform

The foundation of our technical excellence, the Kbrw Platform powers our high-performance business solutions.

Performance-oriented design

High-performance core frameworks
Our platform is built around best-in-class core software frameworks
High-performance cloud
Our private cloud is built with best-in-class infrastructure for high performance
Performance designed 
to scale
Everything in the platform is designed to scale, with no compromise on performance

Digital sovereignty

Kbrw’s cloud-native software experience provides a high level of control and full compliance with European regulations. All data are hosted in France in a secured environment, helping you achieve compliance.

Security and compliance

Kbrw is certified ISO27001 for our Order Management System and our platform. We process your client’s data in full compliance with the European GDPR regulations.
Maximum efficiency, maximum sustainability
We work closely with our partner OVHCloud to ensure we have the most efficient infrastructure possible. A combination of water-cooling technology and renewable energy ensures that our carbon footprint is reduced without any compromise on performance.

A platform for developing awesome software

Flexible and modular design adaptable to your business needs
Always scalable to meet your unique needs
Continuous develop and continuous integration
Well documented software for a better developer experience
Robust code that is highly fault-tolerant
Agile software development methods to increase project speed and success

A platform for operating awesome software

Global service offerings
The most comprehensive software services that you can dream of
Monitoring and alerting
Get head of risks with advanced monitoring and alerts
Access and security
Our full-suite SSO may also be integrated into your corporate SSO
High availability
Proprietary high-availability mechanisms ensure performance and uptime
Minimalist and robust code with detailed documentations for easy maintenance
Fail-safe, disaster-proof
Backup your critical data and reboot your business quickly, after any incident
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