The dominant Order Management System for performance and integration experience

Accelerated technology adoption puts strain on IT resources. We constantly search out the best IT approaches to ensure we provide software of the highest standards and a seamless OMS integration experience.
80% of the success of an OMS depends on its integration. Kbrw’s seamless integration experience is as simple as plug-and-play.

Kbrw OMS: the most integration-oriented Order Management System

The smooth integration of an Order Management System is just as vital to its success as its business and operational capabilities. A solution built for successful integration makes the process so much easier.

Why does integration matter?

Your processes 
are the priority
You need software that adapts to your business processes, not the other way round
Your ecosystem 
You need a powerful tool able to orchestrate interactions across your entire IT system
at scale
Integration must succeed first time, to inspire confidence in future developments

Key benefits of Kbrw’s integration-oriented OMS

Accelerated integration through modern technologies shortens the time-to-benefit
Increased stakeholder confidence
Inspire confidence in all project stakeholders with a smooth, non-disruptive integration experience
Complete integration experience
Enjoy better monitoring, a full-featured developer platform and powerful cloud capabilities

Kbrw Order Management System: developed for high performance

An Order Management System’s performance is what makes the difference. A modern Order Management System defines and orchestrates flows and interactions of your entire digital commerce system. Its performance is crucial.

Why does performance matter?

Centre of everything
The Order Management System is right at the centre of your omnichannel IT systems
Critical responsibility
In your OMS’s role as ‘owner’ of critical information, latency or data loss is unthinkable
The technical performance of your OMS must be as scalable as your business
A full stack-approach that redefines performance for Order Management Systems

The design philosophy behind our excellent technical performance

Increase performance and move to the cloud with full mobility, in real time. Digitise and automate your processes with an open and robust solution.
Robust, highly composable & configurable core modules
Robust components that provide market-leading integration
Tools, advanced services, monitoring and infrastructure all follow ‘performance-first’ design principles
Highly distributed and highly scalable cloud layer with performance-oriented infrastructure

Key benefits of Kbrw’s high-performance OMS

High quality
The most robust software built for an OMS
High throughput
Best-in-class performance even in the most complex business situations
High scalability
Unlimited scalability, able to handle any extension and evolution requirements

Modern architecture, maximum performance and pro-integration

Our architecture enables us to deeply integrate with and make instant connections to your best-of-breed applications

Compatible with modern composable architecture

We adopt the MACH architecture that allows us to make deep integration and instant connection to your best-of-breed applications
We build applications with functionalities that can be developed, deployed, and managed seperately
Our applications are API-connected by default
We harness the full power of the cloud to deliver scalable performance, flexibility and robustness
Our applications are headless, supporting any front-end design

Complete security and compliance

Kbrw is certified to ISO27001 in respect of our Order Management System and our platform. We are fully committed to a high added-value security approach that exceeds even the most stringent customer requirements.

Data security
Built to meet the highest standards of compliance
Access management
Single Sign On-enabled, for easier access experience
High availability
Your business is always on and your operations are never down
Global service offerings
A broader portfolio of software services than you’ll ever need
Monitoring and alerts
Advanced monitoring and alerts enable you to get ahead of risks
Trace any order; understand any critical decision
Fail-safe, disaster-proof
Reboot your business in minutes, even in the most unlikely disaster
Flexible and adaptable to your business needs - fully scalable too
We backup your most critical data

Control tower: see everything, even beyond your Order Management System

Get ahead of risks with a best-in-class control tower that provides advanced monitoring of your system and infrastructure conditions. Audit any order or business decision with full transparency.

Trust Kbrw’s unique approach to help you your omnichannel projects succeed

Cost verticalisation
Think globally about your total cost to value
Risk reduction
Deliver projects and maximise value at reduced risk levels
Make IT easy
Kbrw’s OMS is designed to simplify your entire digital commerce IT system
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