Michelin Order Capture Solution

Developing flexibility and innovation thanks to the hybrid cloud


To expand their offer, Michelin wanted to improve its B2B customer portal to include new customer-dedicated services based on its product catalogue. However, the information system in place left little room for manoeuvre. Michelin therefore reached out and asked Kbrw to gradually decommission the legacy system.


Given that the project involved replacing the group’s legacy IT systems, a very large number of interconnections had to be established to fully integrate the new solution into Michelin’s existing IS environment. The gradual nature of the change required us to run both the new and legacy B2B portals in parallel before being able to completely decommission the old portal.


Kbrw developed a solution using the hybrid cloud to meet the needs of the Michelin group. The solution is a much-improved version of the group’s former B2B customer portal, providing flexibility and innovation for the new service offers presented to customers. Rolled out throughout Europe, this sales portal has provided the group with more agility in its business activities, to offer a wider range of services. Beyond the solution, for Kbrw, it has been an extremely rewarding experience to support an international market leader in migrating to a new IT system.


Significantly lower administration costs
By the deployment of a B2B customer portal
Improved reliability
Significant increase in terms of order reliability and reducing operation error
Connecting dots
Over 400 wholesaler customers Europe-wide are using to the solution