High performance software for modern operations and flawless customer experiences.

Bringing together personalised customer experiences and operational efficiency through IT excellence, for retailers and their supply chains.

Agility, flexibility, high performance

Consumers change their habits fast, so businesses must adapt quickly. Agility and flexibility are key.
We help businesses deploy cutting edge customer experiences with fully integrated and optimised supply chain.

Trusted by global leaders

Our Order Management System has been adopted and successfully deployed worldwide by market leaders.

Successful deployment worldwide

Our solutions manage large transaction volumes and critical business processes for global leaders.
More than $30.8bn of gross merchandise value managed 
for our clients
omnichannel solutions already in operation
leading retail and industry
 brands trust us
More than 16,500 inventory locations integrated

Recognised high performance

The latest research from IHL Services, a specialised research institute in the OMS market, ranked Kbrw as number one in terms of OMS speed, with capacity almost double that of the closest competitor.

The best deployment track record

Kbrw also ranked number one in terms of number of countries deployed according to the latest research from IHL Services.

Modern solution, MACH architecture

As a MACH Alliance member, we believe in the power of composable solutions. Thanks to a modern and composable design, our customers can benefit from the best-of-breed performance while still keeping pace with the latest technology evolutions.

Your operational security is our priority

Our clients entrust us with critical data and business operations. Security is a key component of our value proposition. We have earned ISO 27001 certification for our SaaS solutions and our technology platform.

A responsible company

Technology is only half of the story, people are the other half. Kbrw is only as good as its people.

A great place to work

The well-being of our employees is paramount
Kbrw certified happyatwork

Happy at work

We are also certified by Happy at work

Certified trainers

We invest in the growth and training of our co-workers

Engaged in projects with positive impact

Kbrw actively engages in projects with positive social and environmental impact. We provide digital expertise so that great projects get even better.

Food bank

We help BAPIF (Banque Alimentaire de Paris et d’Ile de France) digitise its collection process

Circular economy

Our digital platform enables the Stellantis group to conduct its circular economy initiatives


Our digital solution helps Casino Group promote its anti-waste initiatives

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