Casino Max - Customer loyalty application

Reimagine the customer experience for promotion and loyalty programs


Casino Max is an application for managing customer loyalty for the Casino Supermarchés and Géant Casino brands. It offers numerous personalized features, services and offers to build loyalty. The group contacted Kbrw to develop the application’s web services.


Kbrw was asked to create and manage all the application’s web services. This required interconnecting with numerous systems belonging to different partners – the perfect challenge for showcasing our ability to handle such complex flows. As a constantly evolving application, it required sustained and efficient coordination between the different parties involved.


Kbrw now develops and manages all the web services needed for the application to function, as well as an administration interface for managing Casino offers and stores. The services offered via the application include a digital loyalty card and loyalty point management, access to product special offers and cashback options, etc. Following the success of the Casino Max application, with a huge uptake by consumers, the group decided to extend its partnership with Kbrw to develop equivalent application web services for the Leader Price and Vindémia brands.


Large scale application

Over 1000 stores in France

Huge business impact

300,000 regular users every month (20% of the client base)

Robust solution

A daily average of over 10 million requests