Stellantis Power Return - Circular Economy and Reverse Logistics

An advanced solution that manages reverse logistic flows of recovered automotive parts for remanufacturing


As part of their circular economy drive, the Stellantis group wanted to improve the management of their supply chain with regard to worn/defective parts returns and the corresponding deposit refunds.


The solution needed to include the orchestration and tracking of used parts along the entire supply chain, from the repair workshop to the end point of sale to which the part was returned. It also had to include quality control management at each stage and deposit refund authorization.


Power Return is a web application that allows used parts to be tracked in full, from start to finish. The different partners along the entire supply chain carry out their work and the status of the used parts progresses accordingly. The used parts are remanufactured and reintegrated onto the market, and all the partners involved at the different stages can be refunded. Gradually rolled out in France, and then in Europe in 2020, Stellantis would now like to roll out the tool worldwide in 2021, in a dozen different languages. Stellantis is planning to extend the scope of application to include other types of parts and other partners outside of the Stellantis network.
We started working with the Stellantis Group on the management of spare parts procurement. Our smart sourcing solution allowed the group to drastically reduce procurement times while ensuring optimized tracking. Based on this achievement, Stellantis asked us to improve the return process of cores allowing them to align with their internal quality standards
David Krief, Co-founder of Kbrw.


Improvement of quality control

Authorise payments upon quality check

Digitalization of processing operations

Help achieve paperless operations

Solution deployed in more than 15 countries in Europe

Adopted by global brands and a large network of resellers, distribution centers,