Monoprix Back Office Delivery Slot Solution

Generating delivery slots in an optimised way


As part of their e-commerce, Click & Collect and drive-through activities, Monoprix enlisted the support of Kbrw to completely overhaul their delivery time slot management tool for orders prepared in warehouses and in stores. They wanted an intuitive tool with operational staff in mind.


The project was complex because of the number of constraints and time issues linked to order preparation and delivery that had to be taken on board. The brand also wanted a flexible tool that could take account of any store closures and/or changes in business hours.


The solution includes a mapping of stores and warehouses. It also takes account of their order preparation and delivery capacities, time constraints and cut-offs, to generate delivery and/or Click & Collect and drive-through order collection time slots, which are then proposed to customers when they place their order. The tool has been a success, with a significant increase in e-commerce activity. Recently, to cope with the rise in e-commerce orders during the COVID-19 crisis, the brand approached Kbrw again to develop dynamic management of delivery slots.


Improve delivery experience

Dynamic management of slots for up to 40,000 orders per day

Robust solution

A tenfold increase in traffic during lockdown

Increase IT flexibility

Improved software configuration options